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08-10-2010 11:04 AM

Most of you will recognize Taffe McFadden's name - or her picture. She and her husband Bill are among the top dog handlers in the country. They have also been extremely active in defending our right to own and show dogs. Bill is the President of CDOC. And they are very nice people.

Unfortunately, Taffe has been ill for some time, though no one would have known it since she still handled (and did it well) until recently. She has a very rare form of cancer and, in the last several weeks, she has had three major surgeries already and another one is scheduled early next year. Chemo and radiation won’t work for Taffe’s cancer.

Bill and Taffe have medical insurance, but the costs of Taffe’s treatment have long exceeded what insurance can cover. A website, has been established so Taffe’s friends can help. This is a terrible illness and Taffe is one of the nicest people in the dog world.

If you know Taffe – or have just admired her in the ring – and you would like to contribute something to help with her medical bills, the new website can tell you more about where to send a check.